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in search of the green spot…

what did you eat for lunch today?

i had an apple (sliced) (only had about 3/4 of it)

and about 5 oz (guessimation)
green peppers/red bell peppers/cactus/onion/shredded chicken
topped with some shredded cheese and quacamole..

i can feel (and think) my wee fill is def making it hard for me
to eat (much) which is the reason i wanted it..

i think i will make an appt next month to receive another one..
not sure if he will do a .5 or 1cc….but i am going to call
and make the appointment.

(not looking forward to 2 days of liquids again YUK
but if it can help me, then i want to do it..

i am in search of the green spot….


2 thoughts on “in search of the green spot…

  1. welcome to the ‘green’. Who would ever think of trying cactus? What does it taste like? I am not a veggie eater at all. After the band I finally tried green beans and they aren’t bad.
    Sometimes a fill can take a few weeks in really kick in. Being that you don;t own a metal monster, are your clothes bigger?

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