food and liquids and the runs…

well yesterday i was able to eat again after my 1.00 cc fill on my lap band

i had to do 2 days of liquids and friday i was able to move to soft/mushy and if it went down ok, proceed as normal…and having that little bowl of oatmeal was amazingly good..and it was very filling…not sure if it was due to the new fill or the swelling from the fill itself or maybe a combo of both…but that small amount made me feel that feeling i had after i first had WLS…which is what made and wi make us all lose weight…and that is to help me (us) not be able to eat as much…

and also yesterday, two days of liquids kicked in…it is true, liquids in means liquids out…thank heavens for immodium a d is all i can say…and that long walk to the bathroom seemed like 5 miles when i was holding it in and trying not to mess myself …hey, i told myself that i will not sugar coat my journey to better health and this includes the not so very nice aspect of going to the bathroom..well i made it and was delighted of that..

so far my first fill is going okay
i am trying to decide how to describe what it feels like…when i say i am tight, does that make sense??
i will try…say you are eating and your are not full like after a thanksgiving dinner..but you have ate something (large)..and you feel like you had enough…or couldnt eat another bite??..well that is how i feel i write this, i just finished my breakfast …some scramble (1) egg, some cut up sausage and i couldnt finish…when i was eating..i got (full)…not stuffed but i listened to my band say when and i stopped..this is what i felt right after surgery and i have it again and i welcome it..

yesterday for breakfast, i had some oatmeal and a little later, a protein shake
yesterday for lunch, i had some apple sauce and a small amount of chicken salad
yesterday for dinner, hub made me a scramble egg and some cut up diced chicken for dinner..

that is it..its not much is it?…but it was enough for me…
WLS is not about is really about not eating (as much)

protein is vital…this is the fuel/gas we need to live
so if anything from me to the world out there, eat and get or both but get it

so far so good…cant wait to see whats next…

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NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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