2nd day of liquids following my first fill

WOW, 2nd day of liquids for carolina girl

i recall before my WLS, i had to do 2 1/2 weeks all liquids and 2 weeks all liquids post op (after surgery)…i had not had soup/broth since…and let me tell you, soup is hard to get down…i use to love soup but it has def made me think twice about enjoying it.i have not ever looked at soup the same since..BUT i am doing what i have to do…tomorrow i can do mushy and i tolerate it well, proceed as normal..

(recall…dr said eat slow and take small bites and we will be just fine). i remember very clearly when dr was doing my fill and my fluros, he said i care about you and i will NOT do anything to hurt you or to harm your health..i believed him then and i believe him now..he is the doctor and for best results, it is best to follow what the dr says…by doing what is requested/required of me

i also remember liquids in means liquids out LOL
that hasnt happened yet but i do have immodium ad close to me just in case
and i still have clothes here at work from my surgery time just in case..because
lets face it, things happen..and they did…been there/done that..

so i am busy keeping busy (keeping my mind off of food)
as that is where it is because i have not ate since tuesday….
and believe it or not, i am not overly hungry.(see it is more head hunger…i havent ate anything so therefore i must be hungry….)

i believe my protein shakes and my drinking fluids help immensely with this…and DEF i feel and i believe that my small fill is already adjusting my (hunger) …whether or not its true or not i have no idea BUT i think it..and i know that if i think i, i can make it happen..(sometimes good and bad)

what is that saying, if you think you can…you will??

so my hub…of 30 yrs is my rock..and my best friend
sometimes i cant stand the sight of him but he is my boo
anyhow, we text back and forth all day and i mentioned that veggie soup sounded good…so when i got home and before my unc vs nc state game (go heels♥)..he went to the store and got a can (i prefer campbells) and he came home and put it in my vita mixer and whizzed it around and let me tell you it was outta sight…he also made me a protein shake this a.m. mixed with some peanut butter w/my choco protein shake..so he is def encouraging me, helping and supporting…BUT i know
if it is to be that is has to be up to me..but is sure it nice to have someone support you like he does (he has) me since surgery and before.

tomorrow, i get to try some oatmeal…and if it goes okay..i am good to go..def will stay mushy (chicken or tuna salad) to be safe..because i am so cautious most of the time..

the dr on my fluro showed me (i wished i would have taped it)
what he doesnt want to see..(how stretched out it can be/get) if a person eats too much and continues to do so…i have seen xrays of that and not only is it not pretty, it appears to be painful but i am not sure…scares me to do the right thing 98% of the time.. (we are human so lets just focus on doing the best we can as it is all we can do and can control).

so this is where i stand today..
i feel pretty good (am glad mother nature is nearly over with YUCK) and hey my heels won and my hub loves me my saggy stomach/thighs so life is good.

yeah, i can dig it ♥

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NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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