why i chose to have lap band…

i went in wanting the lap band…but my dr raised his eyes at me and my super morbid size and tried to get me to have the bypass..i was soo scared…no idea why..cutting my stomach probably…..ANYHOW, he told me about the plication and how it could help me BUT stressed (and continues to stress) that unless i help it and myself..no WLS could or would work for me

my military ins did not approve the sleeve or ds at the time so that was out…and after seeing doubt in his eyes about me wanting the band esp at my size, it spurred me on to do what i know i needed to do…to be able to wipe my butt again…my main reason (and also that was i becoming a grandmother) to have WLS…

i feel any WLS is fantastic..do/get what works best for you and your doctor…
but keep in mind any WLS can have issues…and any WLS can never
have any issues whatsoever..its not a for sure thing. its major freeking surgery. and YES it is painful at times…its not overnight and no it wont solve your (i am hungry issues) that is mainly head hunger btw (stay busy and get your mind off diet thinking)..eat if truly hungry ………BUT expect what you get out of it by what you PUT into it..

and that is all i had to say

except GO HEELS

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  1. Reblogged this on Lapband For Men and commented:
    Gang. I want to share this with you all as this is a perfect example as to why some of us make the difficult decision to have Weight Loss Surgery (WLS). It is never an easy choice and it requires both commitment and knowledge.
    Please follow this blog for some great insight and a no BS approach from the Ladies stand point.
    Jose G. Osuna

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