Got my first fill today

i had lapband surgery with plication 6-6-2012 with a starting bmi of 62

today i found out that my dr put .05 cc of primer in my my dr put in 1 cc into my band for a total of 1.5 cc in my 14cc band..

my dr did a fluro to see how my band always, and i am grateful, it was perfect and he did a fluro again after to see the (restriction).

during the first fluro, and always, when i swallowed, it went through the tunnel nicely and very fine which indeed shows restriction..after my fill, it went through much slower (hence the added restriction per my dr)…

so after reading nothing but drama and bad things happening with fills, i made up my mind that i wanted a fill…i can eat more than i use to or more than my allotted amounted even when i know i should stop..some days i stop and some days i dont..

i went to my dr and discussed all this..he has known of my fears (the negatives i read about and harbor secretly in the back of my mind)..i told him what i have been eating and the amounts and exercising..i did not sugar coat it because that would only hurt myself…

he said he did not want to do a fill but what him change his mind, and he told me this afterwards was when i said 2 things..i can eat more AND i wanted the band to help me more than just (me) and those 2 things let him know i was ready..

so up on the table i got and pulled down my skirt (had to dress up at work today…skirt/hose/heels)..and he took a alcohol swab and a syringe with about a 5 inch needle..he located the port..and said a small stick…slightly felt it…more pressure than pain…and he pulled out the primer and measured it and showed me…then put it back in and added the 1 cc (pulled it all out and again showed me) and said now i have 1.50 cc in my band…took needle out…wiped my skin again with alcohol and put a band aid on me..then we immediately went to get my xray under fluro…i swallowed and it was fine..he watched my reaction…then went over the xray with me (showing me the slightly added restriction during my swallow that wasnt there during the first xray)..

so i am on liquids til friday…and if i can do oatmeal okay, i am good to go as tolerated…

in the past i told him my fears..mostly irrational as my friend eye candy said stop reading the fucking negative posts already…he said i am very cautious and that as long as i ate slow, take small bites and stay in my alotted amount, that there is NO reason i should have any issues..he said he expected me to feel pressure on/around my chest if i eat enough/too fast and a light went on over my head DING DING DING just like just after surgery….he smiled and said yes..

so here i sit…waiting on hub..he is stopping to get me SF popsicles and a bunch of chicken noodle soup (to drain out…noodles will be given to kabo the doberman) so i can eat til friday…i havent had soup since 2 weeks post in 2012…so not overly excited BUT i am hungry and if its liquids, its liquids

i think this small fill will help me because my confidence in myself was starting to waive some
to debbie 3 sons and my eye candy…thank you ladies for the support today….

and well, i will post what happens tomorrow….


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2 Responses to Got my first fill today

  1. David says:

    Now wasn’t that all much ado about nothing. Lol. Hopefully it’ll give you that little boost you say you’re looking for. Glad to hear you’re doing well! Cat

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