its WHAT you do..

so with us being in a artic chill of some sort here in nc….i was like i am NOT walking and my knee is still sorta on the sore side BUT i said WTF and put my sneakers on (hub made me put on a wool boogin on my head) and off us three and hub and kabo the doberman…

it was very cold (thankfully no wind) and let me say i walked as fast as i could
and it felt good to walk…my knee is doing much better *still sore* but i am doing what i can…and trying not to focus on what it is i am (*not*) doing..IE: walking my normal 1.5 miles…so i am only doing a couple blocks BUT i am at least doing (something)…it is what we do..

so do whatever it is that you can….it dont have to be much (especially if you cant) that does make you suck or make you a failure, it only means that right now it is all you can the fuck what…at least you are doing MORE than those who dont do shit and complain they are fat and cant lose weight (..i say that with a smile as i use to say that..)…and the main problem is the person who looks at you back in the mirror with most things…

its the little things that add what you can now and do it every day and soon you will be doing something you thought you couldnt do…its not about the quick/fast..over on bariatric pal, i see post after post of those who had WLS and want to lose 100 pounds the first month..and freaking out if they gain .054 oz and one reason i no longer go over there as they are not really understanding what is happening…

WLS helps us eat less (this is true in my case) and its up to me to decide what to eat and to exercise or not..its simple..not a miracle.. it did save my life…i mean it..i was at a point that wiping my butt after going potty was hard to do..that is called super morbid obese when your arms are having issues reaching your backside yall…

it is what you DO that counts
eat as good choices as you dont have to be a is life
i had some french fries just last night..GASP horror…did i spazz? no, i ate some
but def enjoyed it..those 6 french fries wont make me gain 20 pounds of fat…we all know what does make us gain weight…eating more calories than we burn off..its cals in vs cals out..

so today if you exercise *no matter what or how long*…good for you
so today if you eat healthier than normal…good for you
so today if you stay hydrated…good for you
so today if you take your vitamins….good for you
so today if you say a kind word to someone….good for you
so today if you say YES I WILL to youself…..good for you

it is what you DO


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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