drinking with a plastic necklace

please remember to drink..stay hydrated..its simple to do

really it is…drink when you are thirsty….also drink when you are (thinking you are hungry)..it could be head hunger and i have come to find out a nice cold drink solves that part of me that just thinks i am hungry when in my reality, i was just thirsty (and/or bored)

i recall after surgery, i could not take bigger drinks or (gulps) how attractive is that for a female to gulp a drink down..NOT…so take baby sips if you are feeling *tight* or had a fill or had surgery…as after surgery, your insides are swollen…and its hard to go down…some mornings, i can only take baby sips myself..

this is also true on my TOM or when i am pms’ing and or stressed to the max..but in reality, my band is merely a plastic necklace for my stomach..it remains the same at all times…i think some people (FEEL) the band changes..well it dont..its constant..

i have not had a fill (i have a dr appt on the 13th and i have requested a small fill) whether or not he will is yet to be seen as i do have restriction alone with my band and plicaton that i have..

when i was on my all liquid diet (pre and post WLS), i found out that head hunger is REAL and i also found out that by drinking, it helped with my imagined hunger and it does help me feel (full) if you will.. and NOPE, i do not drink while i eat per dr orders…i wait about 20 min after my meal until i start drinking again…

but it is important to drink and stay hydrated..my dr and my nutrition say if i am peeing a lot, then i am doing my part..i aim for 75+ oz per day…i drink all the time and my water bottle is always w/me filled with my peach ice tea (crystal light or the walmart brand)..this bottle that i have at work is 33.9 oz. i try to get down at least 2 during my work day…not including my coffee from starbucks or dunking doughnuts (xlarge size) and YES include my coffee in my liquid allottment..(its coffee mixed with WATER) so yes it does count in case you were wondering and i count my protein shake (ff milk is a liquid)

 my peach ice tea on my desk at work

so drink…it does do a body good


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