being honest about dieting and what you EAT

i (got back on the horse) again about a week ago and i can tell a difference..can you?
i am eating (better) aka healthier choices/selections, drinking more (i have to go potty a lot so i know i am hydrated) and exercise (this is key..this is vital..this is a NEED/MUST do)

being honest with yourself is important

if you overeat in private (no one sees you or knows) but the scale and or clothes WILL know…if you overeat and choose the not so great choices, you KNOW
we ain’t stupid..we CAN control ourselves..yes you can..sometimes just taking a nibble of something quenches that desire to have something..if hub eats chips, i grab a few and eat it and i am good to go..remember to not DEPRIVE.we are not on a diet…if you are, you are doing it wrong

what do you think of when you hear the word diet?
i think of things i cant have/eat
and life is soooooooo short to not eat something

granted some foods are not as good for us as others
high fat/high calorie etc but in moderation, things are okay…(cals in vs cals out remember) and sometimes i want to eat popcorn at the movies or mcdonalds french fries
why is that so wrong??

the answer is its not..its what we are taught to think
its a way of everything..i bought into has everyone
else with a weight issue. i have dieted my entire adult life…i got myself
so big that i had to resort to WLS..why?? i could hardly walk and i had trouble
wiping my butt..there was no use nutri system to save me..

i dieted and had major success
i limited my food and my calories and lost weight
the MOMENT i started eating again, what do you think happened?
i begin to eat more calories than i burned off to gain weight…
and every time i did, i sank worse into the hatred of myself…

BUT i cant control what i did
key word is DID

every diet failed because i ate more calories than i burned off
and i am a snacker..i love cheese its and BBQ chips..hell yeah
and will eat them but now in moderation because i can..and i want too

i can control me now
some days will be better than others
and some days i will kick major ass
so will you

its a day in and day out process
if you dont do good one meal, do better the next
dont be yourself up over it…its gone and never to return

all you and i have is and right this very moment
no more dieting

eating to live and learning day by day, not living to just eat

if you are hungry…

but eat (protein/good filling your tummy foods)
def try drinking something to see if this is really your hunger

for best results

repeat daily for YOUR best results


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NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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3 Responses to being honest about dieting and what you EAT

  1. I agree. Most diets have deprivation built into them, so when we go ‘off’ of the diet, we tend to make up for lost time and put the weight right back on. It’s really a balancing act between energy intake and export. Once we keep to the idea that we have to burn off what we eat, then it’s a lot easier to manage.

  2. patay37 says:

    It is so easy to eat that bite and hide our hands tinking no one sees us. But the fact is that we see ourselves and we beat ourselves up for doing someting bad or wrong and we shouldn’t. We should own our mistake; enjoy our mistake if that what it takes and move on. One nibble or the whole cake doesn’t have to mean the end of our journey if we are honest about our misstep and allow ourselves to move on.

  3. tbianchino says:

    Thanks for this. It’s 100% agreeable. The “bad” foods can be worked into any diet or fitness routine. It’s about moderation and allowing yourself to make the right choices. For the past 25 years I have said ” if somebody told me I could never eat chocolate chip ice cream again I would’ve quit!” It’s very empowering to think that we are making the choice to eat healthy instead of believing we are denying ourselves. We choose to eat healthy. I like eating healthy because of the way it makes me feel. I have more energy and feel less “heavy.”

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