600 pound life and eating til full

think and remember to thanksgiving of past
when you eat so much, you have to undo your britches??
we have all been there

i was/am a volume eater..the more the better..3rd and 4th helpings were my life
this is why i felt WLS of my choice could help me and it has..i cant eat very much
and when i eat more than i should (and i have from time to time), i feel very uncomfortable
and its a reminder of what i cannot do…not anymore

i watched TLC yesterday, episodes of my 600 pound life, one after the other and everyone said after WLS, the cravings did not disappear…this is correct..at least to me anyhow…when i see a fast food commercial or see someone at work eating or we drive by eating establishments, yes, i remember tastes of items…if i hear or see someone drink a soda or a beer, i do wish i could also..so those cravings never went away, i just learned to deal with it better..

IE: after my WLS of choice, my dr said no more carbonation (soda/beer…think bubbles..)

as you recall, it is vital to NOT be dieting…with WLS, you do NOT have to.
and if you are, you are doing it wrong..merely eat, make better choices and try not to take
in more calories than you burn off…i eat whatever..sometimes the choices arent as good as they should be but its not the end of the world..my former BMI index of 62 wont return because i ate BBQ chips..but it will if i continue to overeat and not exercise…NOT happening, FYI

so after WLS, some of those WLS patients started eating right where they left off..several of them thought that just having the WLS would be the answer…it is not and it was not…

IE: Penny, this woman made me so mad..she wasnt ready to make changes..she will remain over 600 lbs+

eating is life..it tastes good…i love to eat..people who have weight issues also do..why people gain weight is due to overeating and not exercising..PERIOD…sure we have issues that trap us into world of despair but we cant let it change us…but we do..i do..i got lazy and not exercising and snacking more and hence some of my britches are tight…YIKES

i love to eat
we all do…and sometimes it is hard to stop
i had the lapband and plication to help me NOT eat as much (and it works btw)
but up to me to make the decisions of what to eat…or not to eat..do not deprive..remember we are not on a diet..def eat things you want/desire (crave)…also remember it is cals in vs cals out..

my WLS has stop/we are full signs…signals
a (full) feeling..(think thanksgiving here)..i feel this about 4 to 6 oz of food
sometimes my nose can start to run (not dripping) or i can have baby burp..all STOP SIGNS/SIGNALS
absolutely i cant eat past them and/or ignore them…i have to make that choice

just having a WLS will not make you get to where you want
it helps no doubt but we must help it..

i am very short
i was a big girl at time of surgery and have a lot of hanging nasty/vile skin on me
the plastic surgeon said 20 to 25 pounds alone on my stomach…my ins denied me to have skin removal back in august..so even if i have done well, and i have, i have a big reminder of what i did to myself with me at all times.

i could have been that 600 pound patient and i could be that way again..it is UP to me

stay positive
hang with positive people
stay busy (life is not just eating)…get off your ass


repeat daily for best results

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4 Responses to 600 pound life and eating til full

  1. Cee says:

    Thank you for following my 400 pound woman blog. I am now following you.

  2. So proud of you. Keep it up.

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