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yes, you CAN

most WLS surgery patients think thy cant lose weight because we failed dieting our entire lives..why would/will this work??..nothing will work unless the person believes they can..WLS is just a surgery..its not a cure all..to be successful in losing weight, not only do we have to eat better but we must begin to move…we have to..i speak from someone who was getting to a point where moving was getting harder to do..

so we CAN if we really want to
and that means doing what we have to in order to makes ourselves well and that begins ONLY when we think we can….because we can…


One thought on “yes, you CAN

  1. I agree. It’s really the first step towards a healthier life. My cousin had surgery and she thought that it would be the fix-all. It wasn’t as she wasn’t careful later on with her food choices and lack of exercise. Sadly, she’s back to where she had started and has completely given up. 😦

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