walking with kabo and hubby

so yesterday, i got home and told hub lets go walking (i wanted to as long as it was not raining)…and it wasnt but rain was approaching (hence the weatherman on wral/tv)..and my left knee was feeling it..

i used to think it was a wives tale (that your bones or body aches) when rain is coming but i believe it is a act..i injured my left knee in the summer before i was going into 9th grade and it has (hurt) ever since..rain or snow (cold weather front)…so anyhow, as i was saying

i get home and put on a sweater (as its chilly here/rainy/wet/cold) and off we go…yes my knee was hurting but i kept going..at 1/2 mile mark, i told hub i needed to stop a second and give my knee a break..i was very disappointed as i wanted to keep going..so i stretched it out and off we went again..

i try to keep a good pace and make sure i am in oxygen but def breathing (heavy) not so much that i cant talk but winded..me being so short i take 3 or 4 steps to hubs 2 and i enjoy knowing they are out there walking with me..my escorts, my body guards, my exercise partners…my best friends

so i can def feel it today
its a great feeling to feel a soreness in your legs, arms (from swinging in motion as i walk) from keeping a good pace..it is very rewarding..it is a great accomplishment to me..every day i walk or do my aerobics is a day i am getting better aka healthier..

i will never be thin but i will be healthy

healthy to walk…healthy enough to climb onto the back of my ole mans ride/harley
healthy to get up and go to the store (park in lot and walk to store and shop and then back to car) without giving out or being exhausted by merely doing everyday things..

so today…if its not raining, i most likely will go walking again
taking each step with a yeah i will/yeah i can and yeah i am attitude

i may not be fast as some
or able to go as far as others
but i am lapping everyone on the couch or sitting on their ass
going i need to lose weight and then do nothing about it

(that was me)….but not anymore

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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