not a resolution

its not a resolution…its a need to do everyday (especially for best results)

to exercise and eat better should not be done just because it is new years and its the way of the world
to make a resolution…make the decision to better your health…and then just do it..

i recommitted myself 4 days ago…my health is important and it needs to be my #1 goal right now
it is NOT about being thin but about being able to merely do things

before i had surgery, i let myself get so obese, i could hardly walk. i could hardly wipe my butt after going to the bathroom and during my time of month, well you get the idea..i was becoming immobile. i was slowly dying.

this is not a january need to do just because its a new year
its not a diet.. it is my way of as to needs to be yours also.
YOU have to and YOU need to and most importantly, YOU HAVE TO WANT to..only you can answer that..

do you want to?
do you really want to??

it cant be a resolution
it has to be a desire to get well..better health for you/me

so take 5 minutes today
go for a walk or a stroll (or walk up and down your driveway) or up and down the hallway
eat/make one healthy meal that is good for you

YOU are so worth it

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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  1. aberka32 says:

    I totally agree! Great post! ❤

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