lap band husband

well, today i put on a pair of gray pants and they were very tight/hard to get on…and well i fear if i had buttoned them i may have took someones eye about some motivation..i am going to try them on again 2/2 and see how much better they fit…as they will fit better..

does this make me a failure…nope
it just means i ate more calories than i burned off pure/simple and reality..

it just means i need to do better
it is up to me if i do or if i dont…same as it is with anyone who is dealing with weight loss..

so it is what it is..i am not overly upset at it as i know what i need to do…we all do..i intend to eat better, move more (big reason i lost as much as i have) and DEF let my WLS of choice tell me when i am done eating..(listen and adhere to the stop signals).

i am also on the 13th going to my dr and request me a fill..YES I am. i am excited and also scared to DEATH of it..the band will help me eat less..i just need to make better choices as i have not done that in the last months..its my reality….

i realize the fill will NOT help me unless i choose to help it (and my band) and i intend to do just that..i already told hub and he said he is the lap band husband…yep, that is what he refers to himself as…the lap band husband..

he cooks, measures and seeks out things full of protein..he is game to trying a new veggie or fruit from the fresh market and he comes up with the most positive vibes when i feel at my lowest…he calls me on the phone at work and says hello beautiful or calls me hot momma or MILF or the new one GMILF and says i am sexy…he knows how to make me feel good…inside and out..

sometimes it is nice to have someone thinking positive about you especially if you dont about yourself…and i am so blessed to have that with my ole man of 30+ years.

it is important to have support from family and friends but unless someone supports THEMSELVES….they will get no where. i am a victim of that myself and i rally behind it sometimes..when you think you are at a wall or stand still, along comes some words of encouragement or love and you can get right back on that horse and RIDE…ride to better health..that is the name of the game..

back to my first fill on the 13th…lets hope he does it..but i am sure he will again tell me what i (we) already is what we eat to help us lose weight…UNDERSTOOD…and the slight fill will ONLY help me if i help it…kinda excited about it…maybe a smidge more (restriction??) perhaps…as i know i can eat more than my allotted band size..but i did not have WLS to diet…i dont diet..i eat..some days i can eat more and i do..its just a fact..BUT me putting those pants on and being so tight, i know i need and can do better..

it is what is within ME
hub cant do it for me
nor can my dr or my friends
it is up to me

i know where i am today
i know where i would like to be
and if i keep going, i will get there..

for best results, repeat eating/exercising daily…


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2 Responses to lap band husband

  1. bandedvegan says:

    Good luck on the fill on the 13th. I am getting a fill on the 5th after a year of being unfilled…. saying I am a bit scared is an understatement. 🙂

    • i am scared as i never had one before but i am hoping it will (tighten) me up like after surgery..but i also know its up to me also to eat better than i have been.

      You have had an unfill? you scared to? please let me know what you do on monday…in regards to your fill…i would love to hear all about it,

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