BBQ Potato Chips

we all know that some things are better for us nutritionally than others. we know that apples are better than eating potato chips. lets be honest and keep it real. we aint stupid but we sure act like we dont know what we are doing (*eating and choices*) wise
when in reality, WE DO

i see nothing wrong with eating. i love it and i love to eat…now my feelings about what i eat are different. just yesterday, kelly who is my co worker and myself were talking about eating BBQ potato chips. and how i love to eat the big ones. HeLL YEAH

3500 calories is a pound ate or drank
no matter if it is potato chips or carrots…
there are better choices
its up to us to choose them

some days i make great choices
some days i make good choices
some days i am like i dont care and eat whatever

but i no longer get down on myself
i am not on a diet
i just merely do better the next meal/snack
and try to weigh the cals in vs cals out aspect

feed the body
but def enjoy eating
how could you not..its soo good


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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