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Bartender–Drink please…

drink…lets drink our water…i love ice cold water but lets face facts, it is not as tasty as some other drinks out there…so use some of those excellent flavorings. i myself love peach ice tea..crystal light, walmart brand, kroger brands, target all have those flavorings at least $1 less than crystal light itself..so many flavors…try one and see what you like best

it is vital to drink and stay hydrated.

drinking when you think you are hungry can solve most of the head hunger we (claim to have)…at least that is the case for me..i learned that on my pre-op days..i saw tv commercials with food and saw hub eating so i naturally wanted to (eat)..and we are all set to breakfast, lunch and dinner times to eat..i say listen to our bodies and eat when we are really hungry. (i try to do that as much as i can haha)

so today, and everyday after, DRINK

sometimes i hit my quota of 96oz of liquid and sometimes i drink more and sometimes less. Do what works for you


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