Can I eat when TV is on??

this was a question posted on lapband talk today and here is my answer:

i eat when i watch TV

to me (and this is my 3 cents and my opinion only) if i am standing or watching tv or swimming the river(or watching basketball on tv..just recently my hub fed me while i was up yelling at my tarheels as i was too obsessed with ESPN–true story)…it makes no never mind to the is true, you can eat more while grazing with the TV on but if we let the WLS work and us be mindful of what we (eat), i see nothing wrong with where you eat…(eating out in public, those places have big tv screens) what works for YOU


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2 Responses to Can I eat when TV is on??

  1. crispywalker says:

    Now I can see why you liked my post 🙂

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