Don’t wanna……

i responded to a post where a person said they have no motivation to (exercise)..i have been there (recently too) and will be again i am sure…anyhow, this is my response:

when i had my surgery, i was so large i could hardly walk…walking to the bathroom was nearly impossible.

i could not do anything.when i was at home, i marched in placed..2 minutes and i thought i was having a heart attack….at work, when i went to the bathroom, it was 84 steps one way. that was my exercise for about 6 months..i was so heavy, i could not do anything…the more i lost (due to me not being able to eat much) helped build my confidence..i started walking to the end of my driveway and back. thats it..and then i walked to the corner of the street…you dont have to run a marathon to lose just need to get your mind we have a weight problem..OK, we had WLS to help we just have to help ourselves..somedays i dont wanna do anything but eat potato chips…my motivation is looking at my highest weight ever picture..and it was a 5x stretch skirt…i do not want to be that ever again..its either do or not…so you dont want to work out today….dont….just be careful with your calorie intake then…if you eat more calories than you burn off, you wont lose and may gain….so its vice versa…….take a walk…walk down the hall and back……..GREAT JOB if you do that…you can..yes you can….if you wanted to


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