Lap Band Basics

Follow the diet texture guidelines closely for the best results and least chance of complications. Everyone is different and may not progress at the same rate.

Chew slowly and thoroughly
Each meal should take 15−20 minutes to eat. The stomach can hold only a small amount of food after surgery. Eventually it will hold more. If you eat large amounts of food, it may become necessary to tighten your band.

Know when you are full
Pay close attention to early signs of fullness, and then stop eating. Sometimes discomfort at the breastbone is an indication. If ignored, vomiting or pain may follow. Over time, eating too much may stretch the stomach pouch. You do not need to feel full.

Avoid concentrated sugars and fats
Sugar and fat can lead to slower weight loss. Avoid high-calorie liquids and high-fat foods that can melt in your mouth, such as milk shakes.

Drink fluids to prevent dehydration and constipation
Take frequent sips of liquids. Remember not to eat and drink at the same time, and do not drink for 60 minutes after eating. Carry a water bottle.

Avoid carbonated beverages
Carbonated drinks can cause gas and bloating. Do not use them after surgery.

Follow diet recommendations
Eat three small high-protein, low-fat meals (no snacks) each day. Meals will contain mostly soft protein. After a few weeks, gradually add fruits (no skins), soft-cooked vegetables, and firmer protein. Do not consume citrus pulp.

Take your medications regularly
Stay consistent about taking your vitamins/minerals, and medications.

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