Am I a bad person?

I am writing this to anyone (who is thinking they have not done well recently) or kinda of forgot to follow their preferred eating/exercising routine or those like me who had life happen and got overwhelmed and went back to letting food comfort me…

so what
read that again
so fucking what

my dr and (my friend kelly who i work with at work) both said this to me..
i was doing my pity party whine..i am a failure etc..and they both said compared to where i am now to when i started i am not a failure…i am happier, healthier and yes, smaller..and they are right..

so i got off the road..does that make me a bad person?
does it make any of us a bad person??
does it make me a failure? NOPE
it merely shows i am and we are all just humans.

who said i have to be perfect 24/7?
who said i cant over indulge every so often?
who said i had to only eat carrots?

yes i made the not so great choices as of late
but did well in between……and yes, my band/plication said WHEN TO STOP
it tells me by signaling a very full feeling and if you push that, it is very uncomfortable..but what is done is done..i cannot get back the last 2 months..i sure wish i could in some areas…(things with my mother…now keiths folks and work issues) but i cant…i have to live and stay in the NOW

my friend kelly says to me daily i cant do anything about things i have no control over
(my mom’s death, my in laws illness, war in iraq, my son overseas in uk)..but i can control ME…..

so……off with the whine fest..done done done
solves NOTHING

and back to what we know works

liquid (to stay hydrated)
EXERCISE (whatever you like, do it)..
and the most important thing..

go one second at a time…


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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