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Mitch said….

remember that game (simon says)….well i am using my friend eye candys hubs name in place of simon and will use… mitch says…

my friend eye candy and myself were emailing back and forth a few days ago about the lap band (she has one also and is doing a great job btw) and we started talking about exercising..she said she did a short dance/exercise video for about 4 or 5 minutes and she was like i am so *awful as its only 5 minutes*.

then mitch says to her…that is better then doing NOTHING

that is absolutely correct…

when i had WLS back in 2012, i could hardly walk..walking 10 steps made me breath HARD and my back, knees, legs hurt so bad…i was so wide…i couldnt use a regular bathroom stall (had to use handicap one) and forget about me going anywhere. my hub had to do the shopping for everything. there was no way i could physically manage walking from the parking lot to the store much less walk around the store..i could NOT do it..physically..

then a local store i found out i could order online and drive up to pick up groceries. so i started to do that. how pitiful is that..i was in my 40s and so super morbid obese, i had to do drive up grocery shopping. this is FOR REAL..

so if you think just walking 1/2 block (hell i could not even do that when i started) is shit, you are wrong

any MOVEMENT counts

i work in a building and the bathroom is 84 steps away (one way)..me doing that every hour after banding helped me get (better/stronger). and i did it..those little steps add up to one being able to walk 1 to 3 miles and standing for hours on end..where i use to not could stand for 5 min as it HURT..

little things add up

people seem to forget that

on the bariatric pal website, i read over and over, its not working, what am i doing wrong, can i eat this or something like that……its not that hard to make better food choices and to move/exercise..the WLS will help us eat LESS…..we just need to eat better. no need to be perfect 24/7….that is not fun..enjoy life..

eat to live

not live to eat

i bet mitch would agree


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