Support YOURself

who supports YOU?

i am blessed to have a hub who is a support system for me…at home….but the support comes from me to myself…

i actually am supporting myself…to do better…eat better, exercise and believe in myself enough to give a crap..

i do not make excuses..i own it when i fuck up……and i do quite often.. we are all HUMAN

when i first started the BP forum..and actually in my hubs MC and my work and everywhere i go., i was soooo worried people would not like me…and that was up until recently also..and now its like who cares…..

who i am is who i am..

i am direct..i am up front and i dont like to read BS…..either do it….do it right or shut up already..

dont eat a entire pizza and then post did i hurt the band and did i do wrong?? YOU know as well as i do, what is (better food choices) for you..

do not go off the doctor advised path and be surprised later when (shock/horror) sits in if the scale goes back up or an issue arises…

i believe we are all given directions/suggestions on how to use the band properly….i was giving hand outs…i read alot on line…..this is major surgery after all…and i was scared to f**king death…

the dr i had pulled no punches…..he said WLS would help me……but unless i started to exercise…eat better it would not work in the long run…he stressed patient compliance is a huge part of the program.

i can sit here and list who in my past, what has hurt me and i can go on and on and on and then so on but right here/right now, it is me making that choice to make myself well…

overeating in private (so no one would see) still got me super morbid obese…i stopped supporting myself..i stopped caring….i had to get to that point where enough was enough…..are you there yet?

this is a process….i read post after post of those who stop trying after surgery because they had wls and bam, its gonna fix it all……and then they are saddened and writing what am i doing wrong… about ask yourself what are you doing right?

support begins with the person looking back at yourself in the mirror….support YOURSELF

that is truly all you need.

although other people’s support helps/matters :)


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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