Holiday Time Eating..

its the holidays coming.

they are eating things i cant have as i am on pre or post op diet phase

i am hungry

i am discouraged

i want to eat

i have no restriction

i have no fills

did i leave anything out?

i just wanted to say..

just because it is the holiday season, do not let that be a option to go all out…..def enjoy the food, the family and the time of year but reality is, the holidays are regular days…the sun comes up and the sun goes down..elvis will still be dead and buried at graceland

and 3500 calories ate or drank is a pound….and if we eat/drink more calories than we burn off, we will gain……fill or no fill….whichever WLS  one has or does not have…..

you can choose to your allotted amount and make good choices

and ENJOY this time of year……

hang in there…..getting discouraged solves nothing…staying positive works

stay the course…….continue what you are doing and it will happen……


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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