a big poop

then you were last month? last week? 6 months ago? how about last year? or the year before that? how about just yesterday? are you better off (weight wise/physically) than you (were)

BE HONEST with yourself right now

the clothes you wear do not lie..however the scale sometimes does and it pains me to see people become such a slave to it…heck i was for a long time…if i was up, i would be pissy and say fuck it and eat to my hearts content. it was up so why not make it (up for real) and if it was down..then yes, it is a good day…def a yo yo attitude and a way to live NOT..it was not fun…i weighed every chance i got..to see it go down or up..or down after a big poop for example..

so when i read in the BP forum (again) about someone banded 4 months ago and saying the WLS is not working and what is she doing wrong and is only eating this amount of calories and exercising 24/7 and yadda yadda, it made me not want to post over there today……i did say my usual if you are losing inches you are losing actual weight BUT she came back and said clothes are the same…i feel strongly this person is still dieting..focused on what the scale says….and her life sucks if she doesnt lose 20 pounds a week

how sad

so, ask myself this question

am i better right now than i was 2 years ago at surgery

hell yeah

i am now living and living is what is having WLS is all about

being and getting healthy and living life. so many do not have that chance or it was took from them due to illness or accident…i had trouble walking before surgery so i know what its like to not be able to do something.

what matters is eating better (not always great choices but the majority)

walking or exercising…whatever you like and will continue to do…

drinking to stay hydrated…very important..this battles head hunger (yes its real)

and the thing that matters most


be you

but be a healthier you


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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