happy anniversary to me

it was my 30th annv last thursday and we had such a GREAT time..we went to the coast and visited the battleship north carolina…let me say i did not enjoy going below deck (i felt the walls closing in on me) and got light headed and had to sit down once..i told hub he could go on farther down where the engines was but i was NOT..we had lunch right in the ocean at a nice location (had us some wine) and then sat on the beach for a long while just watching the waves and enjoying being together 30 years….my hub got me a skull diamond pendant and also pearl earrings (that go with being married 30 years)..he is so thoughtful. i do love him so..

here are some pictures from our trip:

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5 Responses to happy anniversary to me

  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    Belated Happy Anniversary!

  2. Debbie Welch says:

    We’re gonna have to change your name to run around Sue jk because you are running around all the time to here or there , but you are moving and enjoying life again , the skull pendant is kewl , you and hubs still looking good , to bad you felt closed in , but I for one understand that feeling , Happy Anniversery to you & Hubbs.

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