losing weight means saggy skin…

saggy is as saggy does
def take sag over how tight/super obese that i was…which meant me not moving..

just this past weekend, i got down on myself..i looked in mirror and saw the frontal view and saw my legs and did a major ick factor…..and got very sad/depressed and i started thinking of how much i have lost…….and was thinking i have done well and seeing those giant tree trunks with the skin hanging got to me…

in my past, i would have had a major binge on drive thru items followed by alot of beer and even more self whine as*s pity..and say i cant do this and why why why……but i just went for a walk.. pushed myself to accept it is what it fucking is and got on with it..

i will happily take what i am right now……over what i was in green in june 2012, size 30 pants to now 12/14/16 (depending on who makes it)

….and if that includes alot of sag, then it does….its slowly getting smaller and i can live with that…i dont like it much and if i am able to have surgery later on, i will welcome it but i wont let it define me and who i am (although when my ins denied me for skin removal surgery, i got down for about 2 months) BUT enough pity party bitch

ok, nuff drama…

lets get to the FACTS

sag or not, we all are GORGEOUS
and whomever dont like it can look the other way and F*k off..

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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