harvest fall time

yesterday we went to our local fall/harvest festival and the sun was out and it was warm and it felt wonderful getting out and walking

….i walked up and down the very long street ( i think hub said it was like 3 blocks one way)……there was a lot of craft booths, people running for local offices handing out vote for me cards.people seeing homemade jewelry, fresh local honey…there was some kids dancing, face painting, a car show that hub liked very much….

there were some fair type rides (mainly for kids)…and lots of people walking dogs..there was some people selling food (in trucks) and a couple of hamburger mom pop type places…me and hub went had some ice cream (me chocolate and hub vanilla) at a creamery…..the sign on the door said what we make here is what we sell…the ice cream was very good…

people were handing out free water so we kept hydrated..hub tried a new pepsi product that he says tasted a lot like dr pepper to him..

later on, we went with hubs mc to a local bar that has a band on saturdays (scooters) and enjoyed some wine and mingling with friends…..and then to my surprise, we went back to the clubhouse (i really didnt want to) but my ride was on the back of my hubs bike so i had no choice LOL..and we again enjoyed some laughter and watching college football on tv (i prefer basketball so i was kinda bored).

i guess we got home around 2…and i was glad to in my bed when i lfinally laid down

i felt wonderful being able to walk….i let my band say when in regards to eating (and drinking)..i hit a wall and i listen to the stop signals…and i didnt stress over what if this or what if that..

life is meant to be lived..and i believe i am

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  1. Kristin says:

    Happy Monday!!! You look fabulous!! XOXO!!

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