i can eat 2 steaks with the lap band…why is that?

here is my response to a post on bariatric pal.com. a person said they could eat 2 small steaks with no problem and the band (should have stopped them) from doing so…but they seem to be having (restriction or lack there of issues also)..


your body, your health, your life..

now what i am going to say is not being mean.or nasty but i must say this ..just because you can eat 2 small steaks and trimmings does not mean you should…if you are hungry, eat but eat smart (protein) and def drink a lot to help offset and sometimes just drinking solves an issue of (being hungry)..at least it does for me…it mainly head hunger from being bored, upset set….i am a southern girl..if in doubt, fry…..we must eat better….having a WLS is not a miracle solve all..i was a binge eater as i did not get up near 350 pounds by eating only lettuce…..3500 calories is a pound ate or drank and if we eat more than we can burn off (exercise/movement wise) then we will gain weight..


i wish YOU all the luck..keep going back to the doctor for answers

and get yourself well…we all are rooting for you

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NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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