Stress and my lapband and fluro xray

When my mother died I felt a huge loss and it affected me mentally and physically.

I had no idea how much it did until days later.

Stress is a bitch let me say this right now

My chest hurt and my back hurt. I got some spots on my face and had some hair loss *not much* but More then the normal usual. My stomach hurt. My stomach burned. My throat hurt. My throat burned. I have a lump in my throat (I still do) and not to mention the headache….my dr has advised me that i will slowly overcome the physically part of this in time and to just do the best I can and continue to listen to my body.

I overate last week (for example 2 pcs of pizza instead of the whole thing to which I wanted but my lap Band did its job and halted that..but I did eat past the stop signals. I made bad choices. I knew what I was doing and did it and chose to eat bad/wrong things and in larger amounts. I make no apology and I make no excuses. But once I started to (come around) if you will, I started to worry.

I worry if I hurt my band if I break a nail.

So I was stressing major when my stomach hurting and me overeating a bit and not so great choices. I was a basket case. I read on the web all lap band complications and had damn near convinced myself that I had all those symptoms. And I did do the right thing and call my dr and I advised him what I was doing (overeating/etaing not so great choices) and I was scared I hurt myself.  So I made the appt for Tuesday at 3. I waited 5 long days for my fluro xray.

More stress let me tell you. I was so scared, I cried and I moaned and I this and I that. but it was ME who had to deal With whatever happended. My xray was fine. It is doing its job. No stretching, no bulging and my restriction level is as it should be……..THERE

That worrying made me go what the fuck. It made me realize I lost control for a time but also made me realize my WLS did its job in stopping me from really overdoing it. I admit on that 2nd piece of pizza, it was extremely uncomfortable and I cant imagine what happens after one passes that part but I am glad I had sense enough to NOT do that.

So the doctor and me talked a bit and we did not even talk weight and they did not even weigh me. I needed a piece of mind and I got it and it was wonderful and it was relief I cannot even describe. But I am thankful I did not hurt myself. And when I felt that scared feeling, you can bet your swet ass I will NEVER do that again. I wish it on no one.

So be good to your bands. Do NOT push boundaries. Stop at your alotted amount, make good choices on most days And for heavens sake, if you are worried, call your doctor. That is what they are there for.

I thank my friends who heard me cry over my feelings of my mom and my fear of hurting the band I have. I thank my hub for saying it would be fine and that we (us) would get right back on it and I have been. I am Def back in my frame of mind. Feels good too.


We are so worth it and We have one life to live

Lets live it


Eat, drink, move and get healthy




ps, thanks debbie for telling me about the do not part LOL

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3 Responses to Stress and my lapband and fluro xray

  1. Kitt says:

    High five!

  2. Mary Lou Sharp says:

    CG so happy to hear you are okay.. I think of you often when I am tempted to let Stress derail me. I had some rough months with my husband’s health problems but I am finally getting back to normal. I have a big wedding in May (my grandaugter’s) and I am not going to be the fat granny at the wedding.. I want to kick up my heels and look wonderful for pictures. going to sign up for the gym now that it’s getting too cool for the pool. Love you, admire you and still think you are the bomb..

  3. joanne sisco says:

    It sounds like you have a very good doctor. He ensured you had no physical injury or issue that needed to be addressed, but made the effort and took the time to address the emotional issues you were having.
    Grief is very demanding and difficult on us physically and emotionally. Everyone experiences it differently. I hope that this crushing grief soon passes into a gentler mourning.

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