living life after lap band surgery

  here i am riding behind my hub on our road king harley davidson


after losing nearly 170 pounds, i am LIVING

here are some things i have done recently…all thanks to my lap band and ME  🙂

IMG_20140613_190519_983 me and hub at rocky mount harley davidson bike show


IMG_20140613_195126_410hmmmm decisions…what to buy ???


All of us have dreams ether to be someone, to change the world or to become a star oe lose weight. But most of us lose focus once we fall and we stop trying to finish what we started, don’t start something if you’re not willing to finish. Nothing was built in one day failure is part of success but quitting should never be an option. Sometimes in life we make good choices, and sometimes not as good.

I think that it’s ok to make mistakes. We all do  it but it is important that we learn from them. But also, mistakes are a part of life that makes us real genuine human beings. Nobody doesn’t have a perfect life. Not even Kim Kardasian.

Every time we wake each morning, we should be grateful for being blessed with life on this beautiful earth. If we are fortunate to have people that love us and good health (not what the scale number reads)..that’s another blessing. When we have these

we can be happy..










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NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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