Fuck it and Fuck the lap band too

reality is coming to terms with who you are and yourself.
I speak only for myself. I speak for no one else.

Sure I have been down (big time) for a few weeks with work and inlaw issues….and I have
come (((this close))) and saying you know what ….Fuck it and Fuck the lap band too..
go and get a big mac to go…..who’d know anyhow? who’d care anyhow..

me that is who

I can hide but I cannot run from the vision in my mirror or my clothes.
I am who I am but I am also willing to admit I need help. I went to the
dr and to this lap band clinic, I went to get xrays, I went to a nutritionist
and a mental eval dr, I did all that I had to do in order to try and make myself
well…except for one thing…..

Believe in me.

That is one thing I have never been able to do.
Sure I admit that I have a great husband who supports me no matter what.
(he must be stupid I swear bc of what I look like) but what can I do but
be thankful for that man loving/caring about me.

and I have learned that I can get healthy and be well…yes I can

My reality is to deal with the cards I have been giving.
I will just try alittle harder and do what I can with what I have.

its’ all I can do.

and  I will not make a run for the McDonald’s across the street from
where I work……(the instant food gasm does taste good) doesnt feel as good as me wearing size 12/14
I dont need that bc its not good for me is.

now the fries could be a different story.

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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