the lap band does not work

i to my dr monthly to weigh in and STILL hear people telling people in the lobby/waiting area how bad the band is and it dont work and it has to be removed..i do not comment or anything….as with all things in life,  you are going to encounter neg people all the time…

 what works for some may not work for others

things happen (complications etc) but NOT always

 results with any WLS varies…maybe doctors fault, maybe patients, maybe the WLS itself

or a combo of them…..but what we all have in common (failed bands people i know well via the other forums and they do use scare tactics and when i started, they scared the f**k out of me)…..what we have in common is a want to lose weight…….

 i say use whatever WLS you get (and) make it work the best you can

i have only today to focus on……i cant and wont spend my life with what if this and what if that

i lost 3 yrs to being super morbid obese…i am working hard to enjoy and live my life NOW

as we all should..

 so ignore the ones who are negative as hard as that is to do

i know as i get hammered on here for being (tough and not all butterflies/sugar dumplings)

i will say this….own it….be responsible for you and show the world what the WLS you have/get

does work……that will shut them up…..well, maybe not LOL

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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3 Responses to the lap band does not work

  1. bobothefishy says:

    Good for you for enjoying and living your life better now 🙂

  2. Kitt says:

    True, true, true! Making it work today, not what ifs…

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