rainy monday and lunch preparation

its a rainy monday and i just finished my lunch

what did you have or are you planning on eating?

yesterday i went to our local Lowe’s Grocery as they have Chicken breast/wbone in for 99cents per pound. i loaded up about 10 packs of 4 to 5 breast….i got my fave brown eggs, some onions and fresh snap green beans and organic carrots and headed home to make my lunch..

so i cleaned the beans, broke into 3’s and put in boiling water (for a brief time for my preference, i like them a little crunchy) and then made a pot for my ole man (using the boiled down chicken breast juice for those beans and diced onion)….so i put on 3 breasts to boil……1 i made bbq chicken for hub and 1 made my chicken for the week and 1 was for our dinner last night..the chicken breasts were HUGE…

so after i boiled the eggs, the chicken breast (and shredded)….i put in the remainder of the beans into the broth for the beans for dinner…..i mixed the eggs with some mayo, and added the diced onion and chicken breast and wala..my lunch….i then measured 4 ozs into my little clear bowls with blue lids…the beans were measured out to about 3 oz and put into clear bowls with red lids and the carrots put into bags for snacking during the week at lunch..i would guess 7 of them per bag.

the yoghurt is for my hub (ick) as i cant eat the stuff..it gags ME and there are little wee bowls of applesauce and wee bowls of his mandarin oranges he likes also..you can see the eggs that are there for me to grab during the week and more carrots..(the apple juice are my go to for my low blood sugar)….his soda is there also (i no longer drink any of that 22 months and counting)..and in the bottom drawers are q-cumbers and apples and his potatoes for baked side dishes..

yes it takes time to do all this but you know what, i am worth it..and you know what, so are you.

image(5)here is my fridge (grab and go)

0406141517a here are the green beans (some diced onion/chicken broth and bits of chicken for flavor)


and that was how i spent my sunday afternoon…..making sure i eat when i am hungry and NOT doing without..

whomever said you had to diet to have the lap band obviously has no idea what eating means..

eat what you like

let the WLS say when and enjoy..


i do..hope you do also ♥


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NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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1 Response to rainy monday and lunch preparation

  1. Your fridge looks immaculate! Mine is NOT that organized…I sure wish we had a Lowes out here. I am just happy we finally got a Harris Teeter!

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