2 non scale victories

i had 2 non scale victories that happened to me……NSV for short and i wanted to share as these little things mean the world to me and make me feel like its all worth it sometimes..

I am always telling everyone to not just focus on the scale, but on the other changes that happen because the scale can be so random and change every time one pee’s or poops or if one weighs wearing jeans or a heavy sweater. Remember, it doesn’t all boil down to that number on the scale.

Monday, i just got home from work and me and hub was outside with kabo the doberman and our next door neighbor said HEY, whatever you are doing, it is working as you (me) look fantastic…..i told her thank you ♥

that made my entire YEAR so far….out of the blue…hub said that was nice and i said hell yeah it was…(made it more sweet with hub there with me to (hear) someone say it to me also)…we dont see her much and its a wave when we do but it made me feel really good about myself…as lately i have been stressing with work and just finished up a very bad TOM and my insecurity is at a all time high….i am not one to seek out compliments but this made me feel wonderful….

Wednesday at work…..was standing near jenny’s desk and she said you have lost a lot more weight recently as you look GREAT….i said thank you ♥

i cant tell you how much this also meant to me…..i see myself day in and day out and i (really cant tell) or see a difference and i take a pic of myself every day (that was my new year resolution) and i am like WTF? again, that made my heart go soft and fuzzy and def made me think, yeah it is worth it.


so take those non scale victories and smile and appreciate it as what you are doing is working……so do not quit or stop what you are doing……as if you keep on doing it…..you will get there….maybe not as fast as some but slow and steady will get you there just the same…

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