water gun filled with tomato sauce

if you do not work out, it is because you chose not too. it is only me that can exercise my body and nourish it with better quality foods (there are so many choices and way too many bullshit excuses as to why those choices are not being made)..you and myself have the power to make those choices.

we are able bodied and able minded and no one is holding a water gun filled with tomato sauce up to our heads and saying dont exercise and dont eat that cup of fresh veggies and eat this bag of BBQ chips instead..

i have the choice

you have the choice

(and you need to own up to them just like i do)

and my choices landed me super morbid obese and my choices now have landed me on my way to better health

its not a number game with me..its not how fast i can get to size 10 or weigh this amount, it is about ME getting well…..and well to me means walking distances, getting in and out of the car, walking from a parking lot to a front door of a store or not scared of breaking the bed when i lay in it or will i fit into the bathroom stall…

i read posts daily that say i cant stop eating this and that and i cant exercise and i am depressed and i am this and i am that……BEEN THERE and done that so many times it is so not funny……but looking at the person in the mirror is the one who can either help you or break you..it is UP to you and it is up to ME.

michael jackson had a great song, man in the mirror, and i love that song as the only person who could make that change, any change is the man/person/woman in the mirror…


you can if you truly WANTED to…

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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1 Response to water gun filled with tomato sauce

  1. I am responsible for …

    I learned that phrase my senior year of high school. You are responsible for the reaction to events in your life and the actions that determine your life. Take control.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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