Band rules you consistently ‘break’?

this was a thread on a WLS forum and i was stumped at reading what people are (doing) that go against everything they were advised.

first let me say you are STRONGER than you think you are. Once you get past all the dieting bullshit, you can get on with life and living with the band or whatever WLS you have or dont have.

dieting does not work….if it did, no one would be fat or need WLS

if you deprive yourself long enough you will fuck it and go for it…i know that is what happened to me……so when i read what are the rules you break i was like WTFuck??

i went through ALOT to have this surgery…..tests and tests and even more tests..and mental evals etc and i will be damned if i just (break) the rules…sure i am not perfect but i know and have enough common sense to know the only person i am (hurting/affecting) is the person who is breaking/cheating the band or WLS rules…

we know when we eat things that are not the greatest or skip working out.. WE KNOW but we decide to do it or not…..the only person we hurt is ourselves..

and didnt we hurt ourselves enough…..we can fix the problem..we can solve the issue…..but we must TRY


so believe and then do …..and see what happens when you do it daily


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