Pre and Post Op Diets

is it hard on the pre and post op (diet)….you bet it is
but it is done for a REASON and i can promise you will NOT starve to death

the pre op diet from what i know (based on ME alone and my experiences)
are to help shrink the insides (liver area) so when they operate they can see better

when i got the info on my pre op let me tell you i was like you have got to be
sh**tting me… was right in the middle of May and my surgery was June 6…..
and then i realized it would be after the 4th of July before i was able to (eat) again..
4 1/2 weeks of no eating….and you know what, i did not starve, i did not die and i
proved i was stronger than i ever ever ever ever ever thought i was

yes it was about me (wanting) this
it was about me making that decision to do whatever it took, whatever i had to
whatever i needed to do to make this work……damn right its want power (screw will power as i can will myself into anything)…..but when you want something, you go for it… or i know i did…

it is not about your past and the things that shape us
though my past was not that great, i dont live there

its not being able to exercise (when i as banded, i could hardly walk) so you dont
need to run 5 miles a day to lose weight after banding, i lost w/o hardly any and now that i lost weight, i am now exercising and i am losing (inches) and that is isnt about what didnt work before and how many we tried/failed….or getting a WLS as its better (and then wonder why that didnt work)… is not about anything but YOU

it boils down to you
it boiled down to me

i over ate
i over ate the wrong foods
i over ate and did not exercise
i over ate more calories than i was burning off
and that equaled mojo excess calories

i have bad knees (wonder why they use to hurt more)
my lower back is not the best (huge apron hanging)
my mom was cruel mentally with words
my job is stressful (and in the last month, even more so)
and the list is on and on…..

i mean i cant say it any plainer
i am not better than anyone
i am just a ole lady who needed serious help
i had issues of all kinds

and i was super morbid obese…..

we all have things going on in our lives
some worse than others
medical issues
mental issues
family issues
work issues
money issues
whatever issues

but YOU do have a choice in what you eat
but YOU do have a choice in how much you eat
(if you wanted to stop at a cup of food, you could)
but YOU do have a choice in following the advise/instructions they gave you

YOU have the power to make it hard or make it as easy as you want
having WLS is not easy……i live 24/7 in lap band world….my thoughts on food
are totally different now….i cant do what i use to do….if i over eat, i put myself in harm so i choose NOT too… matter what other people (however stupid) do…

yes its hard
and some days it harder than others
and yes some days i wish i could just eat like i use to and drink my coors

what is not hard anymore……is me walking
what is not hard anymore is me climbing on my ole man’s harley
what is not hard anymore is me putting on a pair of size 14 jeans (from size 30)
what is not hard anymore is me knowing my legs can walk from here to there
what is not hard anymore is me knowing my body is now more healthy

you must want to lose weight bad enough to do what it is you have to do

and the one person i need to help the most was and remains myself….

same as you.

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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