losing slow………

read on bariatric pal forum a few people upset or sad they are losing slow…..when did losing weight be a problem?

a loss is a loss…sometimes larger BMI people lose faster (we have more to lose)….as i see it, a loss is a loss….and as long as one is losing (and please make note that if you are losing INCHES and buying smaller clothes, that means you are losing…..no matter what the scale says or does not say..

its a journey….its a process…its a day in and a day out life we live now.. there is not time table to when you get to the number/goal you want..its not a race..what matters is that you make yourself healthy and get well..THAT is what matters

now that i have about 50 or less to lose now, (the scale is slowly moving) but the inches are still coming off and that is me LOSING….and me buying smaller clothes…..a sure sign of my body still working …..i also work a desk job..but i drink so much, i walk all day to the bathroom…..each step counts …..you better believe it…54 steps one way to my potty/work…x2 back and forth x 8 or more times a day…..i count that as exercise plus my aerobics/walking i do when i get home……..movement counts

remember, eat more calories than you burn off will not let you lose weight, no matter what WLS one has…eat good foods, eat your allotted dr recommended size, exercise……and believe in you..you CAN do this..if you want

and boy do i want

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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2 Responses to losing slow………

  1. jktefft says:

    I agree, I know I am just beginning this journey but a slow loss is still a loss to me. I would rather lose slow and healthy than fast and not in a healthy way. I think we need to emphasize the NSV just as much as the scale victories! Love your blog!

    • thank you JK……a loss is a loss….no matter how much or how little……i judge by my clothes….seriously…if they are getting bigger or i am having to buy smaller, that is a true
      sign of weight loss

      nice to meet you and thanks for posting, commenting 🙂

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