Lap Band Basics according to Carolina Girl

here are some lap band basics that i learned since i started my banded/plicated life 6-6-2012

always listen to your dr. follow their instructions.. they gave them to you for a reason. if you are giving pre and post op (diets) do your best to follow them. if you stray, you are only hurting yourself. (fyi, cheating and eating too early after surgery could harm you if you are not careful. its not worth it)

do not compare what you have to do with others…some are losing amazingly well/fast…do not expect that to happen to you. we have different/lives/backgrounds/physical demands etc. you be you and dont worry about the rest of the lap band world.

take your vitamins.

keep up on your protein *as this is your fuel*

stay hydrated (this helps with head hunger also)

eat when hungry (but make good choices or selections)

realize you are not on a diet… can eat whatever but in smaller amounts

stay away from processed/boxed items. lots of sodium/preservatives

eat fresh veggies/fruit if you can (delish)

if you use a food chart/use it (ie: fitpal/lose it) do what works for you but be HONEST

if you use a scale, do so but stop if you end up weighing 50+ times a day (i been there done that in my past dieting life, not fun)

dont follow the latest (diet fad) you have a lap band (a tool) so let it work by you helping it. (fyi, if you post on this forum that you started a new diet, you may not get nice responses)…

expect only what your body does. getting frustrated does not help. do not expect to lose 20 pounds a week or a month….let your body lose what it can. if your clothes are smaller, you are buying new clothes bc the old ones are getting too big, you are losing and that is what matters.

go to your monthly dr follow ups.

listen to your body. if you hurt or are in pain—call the dr.
if something doesnt seem right, CALL THE DOCTOR.

and the hardest thing of all, be honest.

if you cheat or overeat your allotted amount, dont ask is it ok or am i bad? you are only hurting yourself. you have to follow your lap band instructions. if you dont, you will not lose weight. (do not blame the band if you dont try).

saggy skin concerns? yes it does happen. you can either have surgery or deal with the sagginess. id rather have saggy then be over 300 pounds again..

3500 calories is a pound whether you eat it or drink it.

if you consume/take in more calories than you burn off, you will gain weight. its simple. ..dont over think it by comparing protein vs calories vs carbs vs the man on the moon. just eat. but eat well and in small amounts.

that is my basics.

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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1 Response to Lap Band Basics according to Carolina Girl

  1. Joanne Holl says:

    Correctly said by our fearless leader! This is the truth & no way around the truth!. . . . . keep reading. . .

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